Forever Stupid

04 October 2019 year at 03:10


Since the event has passed:

Since you love birthdays and surprises, and there is nothing much I can do about it from here, I have tried to do something a little different, to ensure that I am a small part of your celebrations. The countdown will consist of many things that will be exclusive to you, and what I love about you. Cheers to a great upcoming birthday ❤️

  • Breaking news: Pratibha Gandhi has the kindest heart and the most loving soul.

  • My fellow LIL MIX fan, miss you and love you PRAT❤️ (Geet)

  • Wadai! Come back soon, miss you wei! ❤️❤️(Tharin)

  • Happy birthday pratibha have a great day❤️ let me know if Ranun annoys you (Rohit)

  • “Dear Pratibha, Innocence is a rare gift preserved till our age, it is good to people with heart like yours. Happy Birthday to you.”(Vidit)

  • Happy Birthday in advance prat! see ya soon mate <3(Akash)

  • Happy birthday beautiful! Have the best dayy and hope you’re loving Sydney❤️ (Tanisha)

  • Can't wait to see you jaan! To more desserts date with fav third wheeling usss! Keep slaying!! (Minnie)

  • Happy Birthday Pratibha. Have a good one. (Nitin)

  • happy birthday pratibha, have an amazing day and year!❤️(Juhi)

  • Happy birthday to the dumbest but best sister ever ❤️ ❤️ Hope you have the best time of your life and love me more too! HAHA love you so much ❤️(Mansahej)

  • You know your worth wifey(Pritikah)