USA presidential election 2016

08 November 2016 year at 10:00 AM


Since the event has passed:

In one of the most important political events on the planet, United States of America will elect a president after a very intense battles in primary elections. Two candidates are essentially already selected, Donald Trump has defeated an array of 16 opponents and became the Republican nominee. Hillary Clinton, an experienced and established politician, has finally won the primary and the support of her tough competitor, Bernie Sanders. Mrs. Clinton is widely seen as business-as-usual candidate, that is unlikely to implement any radical changes. She is a wife of former president Bill Clinton, a dear friend to many big corporations that funded her campaign, and comes with a lot of baggage like war in Lybia and mishandling of sensitive information. Donald Trump is bombastic, populist businessman with enourmous ability for self-promotion, feeling the crowd and gaining popularity by promising things like better economy, reduced emigration and effective fight with terrorism. He doesn't shy away from using xenophobic and crude language, only to contradict himself couple of days or seconds later.