Xiaomi release in US

Large Chinese electronics producer has announce its intention to enter US market. With competitive prices and improved quality standards, this is bound to increase market competition.

iPhone 2019 release

Apple is going to release its new 5G capable smartphone, equipped with OLED display, Apple A13 processors with 5nm technology. People are excited about this top level device from a leading electronics producer.

Sony DPT-CP1 E-Reader coming out

E Readers seem to be gaining popularity these days, and large manufacturers like Sony are here to provide. It uses high-end Digital Paper technology for a high quality image.

Fenix AR motorcycle helmet limited release

Augmented reality bike helmet is the pinnacle of innovation. You can enhance your driving experience by using rear view and hands free music controls, as well as improved navigational options.

Samsung S Ray directed audio device

One of the first consumer level directed audio devices. Instead of microphones, just get one of these gadgets! You can enjoy your music or podcast without anyone noticing and without putting anything in your ear!

Mission: Impossible - Fallout movie release

Ethan Hunt, a hypercompetent special agent, must fight to save the world against merciless terrorists. Another action movie starring Tom Cruise, very professionally made.

Hellboy 2019 movie release

A reboot of Hellboy series, featuring powerful demon who wants to help and protect humanity. This time, he will be fighting evil medieval sorceresses. Based on a comic series and starring David Harbour and Mila Yovovich.

World War Z 2 movie theatrical release

Zombie apocalypse continues and Brad Pitt has to find a way for humanity to survive in this new and hostile environment. First World War Z movie was very successful and offered some new ways of looking at the end of the world.

Racquel D. Darville birthday countdown

My Birthday countdown begins

X-Men: Dark Phoenix movie release

X-Men saga continues with this new installment of megapopular superhero franchise. After being celebrated for defeating forces of evil, X-Men accidentally created a massive force of destruction. Now they have to find a solution to that new problem. Starring Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender.