Happy Birthday Chinmaya

26 October 2020 year at 01:00 AM


Since the event has passed:

For your birthday, I got you what you really wanted ... Sarcastic Birthday Wishes and Mockery.

  • Alcohol free wine, Drunk by mistake. Birthday girl remains calm and trashes her mouth out with a large Vodka !

  • Birthday Girl is claimed to be born in 1996 but people don't find it to be true . People believe her to be from 1990 .

  • Birthday girl demands covid vaccine to be available in 20 days. So she could celebrate like every year.

  • Birthday girl celebrates Daughter's Day in style, Neighbors files complaint for loud music but it doesn't matter to her. #DaughtersDay

  • Birthday Girls says "I am not 30 that's fake news, I am almost 28 those are the alternative facts." #mystery

  • "Donald Trump better wishes me Happy Birthday else he's so going to lose that election." - Birthday Girl #USA #Elections

  • Birthday Girl tries to look young but all that weight from extra makeup has slowed her down.

  • When she smiles even the star falls for her. Who is K.R.K then

  • "With age comes new skills .. Now I can laugh, cough, sneeze and pee all the same time !" - Birthday Girl

  • Birthday Girl pissed off at people she herself doesn't know the exact reasons. In an recent event one of her friends told that she was angry because it was something that happened in her dreams.

  • People say that she's complete B.I.T.C.H. Whereas She knows that it's the abbreviation for Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented , Charming and Hot ❤️.

  • She was born in paleolithic era ! People don't ask her how it was like growing up. - Well Wisher

  • "If sarcasm were gold. she would have just made her fortune." said Saif Ali Khan (Kareena wala nai, Gali wala).

  • I am very busy planning every second for my day ? Can someone please tell me how many seconds are there in a day ? - Chins

  • I never run for Miss Universe because it's obvious who's winning. #mercy

  • I am sorry. I don't take orders. I barely take suggestions.

  • If I were going to share a grenade with anyone, I am keeping the pin and you're going to take the grenade. lol

  • Just 2 days left and I am getting mood swings !! -"Chin-Maa-Ya"

  • You need VITAMIN ME !! Period.