Vaishnavi’s birthday

Keep calm Only 3 days left

Birthday to Abhinav in advance from Amar Kelotra

Happy birthday Abhinav punase

Love's Birthday

Happy Birthday My Janam ❤ Saba

Your Birthday!!

Estamos em quarentena, mas os aniversários não param!! Por isso temos de arranjar novas formas de festejar!

Jaan ka birthday♥️

Sadaaa khushh rho bss 4 din aur

Happy Birthday Mama ji

May this Birthday bring Peace, Happiness and Prosperity to you.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Angel Neha

Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

Birthday Countdown for King K

Hey Mr. It's almost the start of your Birthday week and you would be celebrating it quarantined at your home. To make you feel a little worthy COUNTDOWNKK will be there with you all through to keep up the excitement.

My Birthday is in

I can't wait until my birthday

Happy birthday shivansh

Happy birthday Shivansh Sharma god bless you