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  • The first day of summer is coming up! Get ready for this event by tracking the time remaining on this countdown.

    I love dogs. But I also love birthdays! Happy birthday me! (10 years of ingenious)

    Hooray! (Random Friday FYI)

    This countdown started at 5K days

    This countdown started at 6K days

    Get ready to blast the music!

    Two o'clock was the closest I could get to 1:59 PM

    Happy days, everyone! And try not to be a chicken on this day.

    Happy 228th birthday, KY!

    Happy 233rd birthday, DE!

  • Happy birthday! May all your dreams come true. Make a wish!

    Get ready for the beautiful sunset with this elegant countdown clock! (Greenville, SC)

    May 17th is always my day off. Maybe it will become yours too! (I always take a break from whatever I normally have to during the day, except a wedding rehearsal last year.)

    I bought a workout clock for exercise and it's coming today

    Get ready for the start of warm weather and flowers blooming with this count!

    We always have breakfast here at 9:20 on Sundays, officially. Take that in as a fact!

    (Two o'clock was the closest I could get to 1:59 PM.)

    I don't know why, but I just wanted to.

    We'll never get to see the end of this countdown. *Sigh*

    Hope you live to see the end!

    This is when things get hot.

    You get to watch it explode!

    Drummers will drum drums, and drums will drum drummers...

    I hope it actually DOES!!

    Get ready to say... WELL!


    This countdown started at 10K days!!!

    We live with a very good power grid! (It's flip clock themed since flip clocks aren't effected by power outages L O L)

    This countdown started at 7.5K days

    This countdown started at [the mark of the BEAST] days

    Countdown until it's OFFICIALLY April (ET Time Zone)

    Happy Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Get ready for this dandadnadnandandnandnadnad

    Get ready for this dandadnadnandandnandnadnad

    Get ready to dance off your legs!

    Hooray for North Carolina! *Sigh*

    Happy mother's day everyone! You are all the best moms!

    Happy 232nd birthday to you, SC!