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  • An upcoming epic science fiction movie, starring Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones. An army engineer must travel to the edge of Solar System to discover extraterrestrial life and learn the fate of his father.

    X-Men saga continues with this new installment of megapopular superhero franchise. After being celebrated for defeating forces of evil, X-Men accidentally created a massive force of destruction. Now they have to find a solution to that new problem. Starring Sophie Turner, James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender.

    Zombie apocalypse continues and Brad Pitt has to find a way for humanity to survive in this new and hostile environment. First World War Z movie was very successful and offered some new ways of looking at the end of the world.

    A reboot of Hellboy series, featuring powerful demon who wants to help and protect humanity. This time, he will be fighting evil medieval sorceresses. Based on a comic series and starring David Harbour and Mila Yovovich.

    Ethan Hunt, a hypercompetent special agent, must fight to save the world against merciless terrorists. Another action movie starring Tom Cruise, very professionally made.