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Holiday countdown

There are many special occasions in our lives that call for celebration. An independence day, your wedding or your wedding anniversary, a Christmas, an Easter, a number of other religious and cultural occasions all offer possibilities for a get together. That means people have to be informed about the event, its theme and other details. This is why Itwillbe holiday countdown can be both useful and fun for keeping a track of time. Creating a celebration countdown page is very easy. Choose an appropriate title and description that would explain what are you going to celebrate. After that, set up a date of the holiday, in this way, everyone involved can look up how much time there is to prepare. You then have an option to add up to 3 images to give a clear visual of the event. This is a good way of giving people an idea of how it may look. You can use some photos you have from previous years, or just find some pictures online. If you have a certain location where you plan to hold a holiday concert, you can specify it also. Do you have a theme song for the holiday, like a Christmas carol ? It can be easily embedded into your celebration countdown via “Video” field.


Holiday examples

There are many occasions for celebration. Let’s look at some of them and how you can use Itwillbe countdown to better organize your holidays. Easter is a major Christian holiday that spans several days. Its precise date actually varies from year to year, that is why it can be useful to create a countdown for it. Easter falls on the Sunday following the full moon that follows the northern spring equinox. It can be a bit tough to calculate, but this is why sharing a countdown calendar for it makes sense. Easter celebration lasts an entire week. Various activities are popular during these holidays, including egg decoration, making various sweet dairy products, using lilies for home decoration to symbolize resurrection and revival, putting out pictures of Easter bunnies etc. To keep track of all those things, include them in a countdown description or make an entire video and link it in “Video” field. Couple anniversary is a private, but very important date to remember and celebrate. Your significant other can be quite upset if you forget about it. So we recommend that you create a reminder on Itwillbe, and make some suggestions to your future self about celebrating it. Perhaps you can together the same place you first met, it can also include finding some small, but thoughtful gift. Giving flowers, sweets, jewelry or something really personal is a good way to show your affection. You can also include some details of your first date in the description, so that you can mention them on your anniversary date and impress your partner. Itwillbe countdown can also double as an electronic gift card. This way, you can both congratulate you significant other and also remind them about the upcoming holiday. If you expect some of your friends to gather and bring you gifts or food, it would make a lot of sense to send them Itwillbe countdown timer as a cool reminder.


Summer Solstice Celebration

Do you practice a midsommer celebration in your country ? If not, it is as good time as any to start. It is usually celebrated some time around the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. June 24-25 is a widespread time, but there are various traditions, depending on the region. Celebration often involves making a big campfire, eating plenty of grilled meat, and often enjoying some drinks. Obviously, it often takes place in some outdoorsy, out of city location. Some older customs, like jumping over the bonfire as a couple, looking for some special herbs in the forest, making garlands from flowers are also observed on occasion. If you want to introduce some of your colleagues to those folk customs, you can create a countdown and describe this old holiday to them. This way, you don’t have to repeat yourself to each one of them or remind them to buy grilling accessories. Almost everyone like 8th of March, International Women’s Day. This is a great day for our ladies to dress up, and for men to show their appreciation by inviting them to a nice restaurant, bringing flowers, nice gift cards and thinking up some compliments. It is probably a good idea to prepare for this occasion, make a reservation and purchase a gift that you like. Again, making an online timer for this holiday makes a lot of sense. You can make as many as you want, since it is completely free. It is possible to set a reminder countdown one week earlier, this way you can make all the necessary preparations ahead of time.  holiday_clock

Generally, if you want to introduce some new event to your friends, like Kwanza, Imbolk or Brezhnev’s birthday anniversary, using Itwillbe countdown calendar for your celebration or costume party is a very smart and whimsical choice.

This way, no one will forget about your creative, but a bit obscure idea. You can remind your buddies about some theme party, what they should wear, what kind of drinks to bring and any other detail you consider important to create a unique atmosphere. Halloween is another great time to feast and dress up. Since Trick-or-Treat is a great tradition, and it requires distributing some good quantities of candy, you better come (or stay home) prepared. You would probably need to make at least one trip to a shop. Also, making jack-o-lantern means you need both some pumpkins and a time to practice your DIY skills. Itwillbe can become an excellent time management tool for that purpose. As you can see, there are plenty of widely celebrated and lesser known festivities you can practice, and we hope our countdown service can help you with that.