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Days to retirement

Many future events are highly anticipated. We count days to vacation, Christmas and honeymoon. But all those great occasions will ultimately come and go. A retirement is usually different. It marks the end to a long and hopefully fulfilling career, when you had to work on a regular basis. A retired person can usually devote his time to his hobbies, memoirs and other pastimes. A retirement day is usually joyfull, but also a bit sad, since a company or an institution is about to part ways with their co-worker, often a leading specialist and a highly valued, professional member of their team. Often retirement party is planned as a surprise for the main guest.


Perhaps, you should create an Itwillbe retirement countdown and send to participants, but not to the main figure. In that case, it should be probably organized right there at the workplace. Or it can be an upscale gala event in some larger rentable place. Nice colorful decorations with slogans are a must, plenty of shiny serpentine bands, lanterns and so on will also help. Usually, inviting some kind of an artist or a band to play live music is a good idea, but even playing some good recording is fine. People can dance, perhaps sing some karaoke and have a good time. Since the festivities are dedicated to a person who has worked his entire life, it is appropriate to listen to some speeches, given by his or her colleagues. If you need to come up with a speech, think about what did this person do and achieve during his career, your personal interactions with him, how he managed to help others. You can recount his career, starting from his first job, and how he moved up from that position. It would make sense to make some small, but memorable gifts to your former colleague. Perhaps, it can be something related to the profession, a souvenir, some kind of upscale item like an engraved or embroidered piece of clothing, like a cap or a lighter. Of course, a large celebration like this requires a good spread, so you should probably order some catering service and plenty of food and drinks.


Making a retirement calendar

All of this requires a good deal of forethought and planning, and in all likelihood, several people would have to organize it and somehow be reminded of an event. Let’s say a life-long police officer is going to retire. You would need to make a special retirement countdown with our Itwillbe app. For that, create a user, log in, and press “Create new countdown”. Make a nice, descriptive name for the event and then choose an event date. In a description, you can explain what is this event all about. There are no text length limitations, so you can talk a little bit about a person whose long career is coming to an end. You can also give some brief itinerary for the event, possibly distributing tasks among organizers. You can upload up to three pictures, I would imagine that an officer’s portrait in a uniform could be one of them, that would look both official and festive. Other pictures can include the photo of the precinct, because that is the place that unites all the colleagues. It can be made either indoors or outdoors, depending on the quality of the view. The third one could be a group photo, with all the collective included. You should probably make those photos on a professional level, they can go to some future album. The next field is a video, where you can choose some good melody in tune with the context. It could some folk song or some optimistic march. I can imagine that “For auld lang syne” seems like a universally appropriate choice. And of course, if you know how make Youtube videos, you can compose and entire playlist for the evening.


Another great feature of Itwillbe countdown is an email notification. We all have busy schedules, it is nice to be reminded of our plans.