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Marriage and wedding ceremony is one of those events that are both very joyous and also highly stressful. Obviously, when two people that love each other, decide to put a ring on it and make their relationship official, this is a very good and excellent thing. It marks an end of being a single male and female, and becoming a married couple. That also means setting a date for a ceremony, inviting relatives and friends as guests and organizing the event. And that organizational side can be pretty stressful. This is where using our wedding countdown may prove to be beneficial. You can set up a wedding date, invite people by sharing our countdown on your social network or via personal messages. You should also describe what to expect from this celebration. Is it going to happen in a government facility or at a place of worship ? Where is the main celebration happening ? How many guests are invited overall ? What is the aesthetic theme of this event ? All those questions can be answered on your countdown page.

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If you want your wedding to go perfectly, you must track your time and be on schedule. Choosing a proper dress and costume for bride and groom is important, those wedding photos are going to stay with you for life and possibly longer. Crafting beautiful invitation cards, choosing the style of decorations, making sitting arrangements, agreeing on a menu and entertainment are important decisions to be made. Keeping a tight itinerary is quite important, and the Itwillbe countdown will help you know exactly how much time do you have until the marriage ceremony. Using our application, you can specify the date and time to the minute. Location can be also displayed, this way, all guests can easily find their way. If necessary, a guest can type in the address into Google Maps and get clear driving directions. A countdown allows a user to upload up to 3 images, and in all likelihood, visitors of the page are not interested in exploring an entire gallery of pictures, particularly since event hasn’t happened yet. Probably, you should upload a picture of a couple to quickly remind people what this event is all about. If you have a picture of a church or a government building where the ceremony will take place, you should probably use it. It will give participants a clear idea of what to expect, and also make it easier for them to find the right address. The third picture can contain some decorative itinerary or perhaps a picture of the restaurant where the main celebration will take place. If you have a clear idea of a theme to be used for celebration, it can be reflected in those images as well.

The next option is a Youtube video, and it can contain as much illustrative material as you want to. Whether you wanna go with a classical Mendelson march or something different, it is easy to add the melody as your video musical background. We recommend for you to introduce a couple, both as individuals and as a soon to be married pair. Of course, your video should not be oversaturated with details. Simple slideshow or some video scenes would suffice.

Another important, but somewhat uncomfortable topic is a wedding budget. How upscale do you want to go? It can be a private ceremony in some small church with only parents as witnesses, or it can be a massive event for 50 guests or more. This is something that has to be planned in advance. Do you have some family members ready to support you ? Have those conversation, calculate the entire sum you are willing to spend and also include some emergency 10% extra funds for some unforeseen spending. What kind of flowers, costumes and visual style would you like to use ? There are so many inspirational books and online materials on this topic you really have to choose some of your favorite options early, and once you made your choice, concentrate on that. Also, what time of the year you want your wedding to happen ? That will determine the seasonal setting, whether it is in spring, when everything starts to bloom, or in autumn, with colorful leaves falling all over the place. The rest of your decoration should probably adapt to the date you set.


Usually, the wedding is followed by a honeymoon trip. Since this is once in a lifetime opportunity, it is usually to some nice tourist location with historical and natural sights, usually somewhere warm. How much time are you going to spend there enjoying each other, what kind of activities do you plan and how costly it will be ? It is best to take of it early, and then simply relax, not having to worry about any of those pesky details.

Unlimited possibilities

Of course, you can make several countdowns for various stages of your wedding. Making one for engagement is also reasonable. People need to spend some time together to make a judgement on whether they are willing to commit. Of course, buying first engagement rings, followed by wedding rings, is a very important part of the ritual. Do you plan on reading some special vows? If so, it is best to prepare them in advance. Since itwillbe countdowns are free of charge, you can set up as many of them as you want for those different tasks.



No matter what you decide, it is important that you are happy with your decision and enjoy the wedding. After all, this is all about you and your happiness.